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5 Rules You Need To Know To Have A Great Casual Relationship

casual rulesRules To Casual Relationships

Make it all about having sex and reaching orgam

If you want to have the perfect casual relationship, you need to learn how to make it all about having sex, and nothing more. Instead of spending your time trying to get to know your casual relationship partner, start spending your time on getting them to reach orgams. If you strictly base your casual relationship on sex and reaching orgasm, you will have a very successful casual relationship. Casual relationships fail when people forget that they are in it for the sex and nothing more. To stop yourself from ruining one of the best casual relationships in your life, stop trying to emotionally connect with your partner, and start trying to get them to reach orgasms. If you are constantly having sex with your casual sex partner, you will eliminate the need for talking, connecting and dating. This will help you keep your relationship casual, while allowing you to reach amazing orgams.

Don’t introduce her to your friends and family

If you want your casual relationship to work out, and above all stay casual, you need to learn a couple of ground rules. First of all, if you are in a casual relationship the last thing you should do is invite your casual partner to meet your friends and family. Not only do they have no business being there, but it is extremely awkward and ill fitting. Imagine having to explain to your friends and family that this person isn’t your girlfriend or boyfriend, but your casual sex partner, sounds awkward right? Introducing your casual partner to your friends and family is basically buying a casket for your casual relationship. If you want it to last, don’t introduce your casual relationship to anyone, and just keep it to yourself.

Don’t stop seeing other people

If you want your casual relationship to remain casual, you need to continue seeing other people. The last thing you want to do is focus all your energy on your casual sex partner and no one else. If you did this, you would start feeling like you were in a serious relationship in no time. The great thing about being in a casual relationship, is that you aren’t committed to anyone, and can see other people if you want to. Seeing other people will actually stop you from getting attached to whoever it is you are casually dating. It will show you that they’re other fish in the sea, and that you don’t need to focus your attention on one specific person. The second you stop trying to see other people, and start focusing your attention on your casual sex partner, you will start burying yourself under mounds and mounds of feelings, and since the last thing you want to do is develop feelings for your casual partner, you need to see other people at all cost.

Don’t start sleeping over at each other’s houses

Getting into a casual relationship can feel a lot like dating someone new, but in reality you are just having sex with someone you don’t really know. Since people tend to get attached to their casual sex partners, it is important to stop acting like a couple, and start acting like the sex buddies you really are. Since feelings usually come attached with intimacy, you need to start taking out all the unnecessary aspects of relationships that are haunting your casual relationship. For example, sleeping next to each other is a huge casual foul. By sleeping at each other’s house, you will start giving off the wrong impression, and your casual sex partner might start thinking that you are more than you actually are. Also, having sleepovers can lead to cuddling, which can cause someone to start having feelings for you. If you want to keep your relationship casual, refrain from sleeping at your friend’s place at all costs.

Casual sex, nothing more

If you want your casual relationship to work out, you need to have casual sex and nothing more. Casual sex often gets complicated by overbearing lovers. These individuals have trouble differentiating lust and love, and often fall under their casual sex buddies spell. To stop this happening to you, you need to make sure that your partner is aware that you want casual sex and nothing more. By setting up some simple ground rules, you can stop your casual sex partner from falling in love with you, and start having a great casual relationship. The only way a casual relationship can truly work, is if you and your partner agree to focus on casual sex, and nothing more.

5 Rules You Need To Know To Have A Great Casual Relationship
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