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5 Best iPhone Apps For E-Books

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June 20, 2012 by The Writer

While a large section of readers have turned to their e-book readers for content, some still prefer reading books on their phones. For these customers, this list of the best iPhone apps for e-books should prove to be quite handy:

the Best iPhone Apps for e-book
Barnes & Noble e-Reader: This app comes from the bookstore chain and is quite popular amongst users. It downloads along with five free e-books and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. You can download all the books you want from the store and have them stored in the cloud, so that they accessible not only on your phone but also on other devices with the e-Reader installed. A great app for the book lovers. You can also change the background and colors on the app, which goes great with the Cover Flow book browse.

Kindle: Although Amazon has been cornering the e-book reader market with its Kindle, it has made an app available for the iPhone as well. If you own a Kindle as well, you can switch between the two devices and continue reading where you left off. You can also keep the screen locked, so that sudden movements won’t keep changing the orientation which puts it into the category of best iPhone apps for e-books.

Stanza: The winning feature of this app is the access it provides to the free e-books present in the Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks library. If you can’t find it there, you can simply purchase the book from partner stores! Owned by Amazon, this app allows you to flip the pages by sliding a finger across the screen and can be customized to turn the screen background either black or white. Another shoo in for the best iPhone apps for e-books category.

e-Books by Kobo: The app launched by Borders has a definite something to it, with promises of a better reading experience. Kobo in itself has a well stocked library, which offers plenty of discounts and free download offers to rope in more customers each week. It makes for a simple and useful casual reading app, that gives you a good time without having to spend too much money.

Wattpad: A great app meant for serious reading and mingling with the online community, it offers some 4 million titles available for download. More than that, you get to work with content that the users themselves have submitted, meaning there is plenty of amateur work and fan fiction to go around for people who love this kind of content and make it a part of the best iPhone apps for e-books.

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