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6 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!

keep things hotTry Out Some New Moves To Keep Things Hot

As much fun as a casual relationship can be, there can be a point in any relationship where the excitement begins to fade. Perhaps your sexual encounters have become a little predictable, and although it is probably still enjoyable sex, it might just not be as thrilling as it was when you first started your casual relationship. Although you might be tempted to return to a casual dating site and seek out a new partner, there are some sex tips that you can learn about to keep things hot. Before running off and looking for a new sexual partner, take a look through some of the following sex tips and try using them to spice things up in the bedroom.

Keep Things Hot with some Friendly Competition

Sometimes what you need to do to keep things hot in the bedroom is to spice things up outside of the bedroom, and this can be achieved by stirring up a little bit of friendly competition. Playing games with each other outside of the bedroom can actually promote positive endorphins, which will pay off whenever you make it back between the sheets. For many people, stimulation in non-sexual ways can actually have a very positive effect on their sexual lives as well, so playing a little bit of soccer or getting out of the house to go jogging, might be exactly what you need for turning things up in the bedroom.

Return to What Sparked the Casual Relationship

Although it seems a little counter-intuitive, if you are feeling bored with your sexual encounters, then you may want to return to some of the scenes or settings that sparked off the heat in your casual relationship. Returning to places that help significance for you and your sexual partner will spark up memories and passion that you may have thought had dwindled away. However, the brain always remembers even if you don’t, so taking the time to go back to that hotel bar where you first got together, might be the spark you need to keep things hot back in the bedroom.

Yes, Cuddling Is One Of Our Sex Tips

Many guys might say that they hate cuddling, especially after the deed has been done. However, these men are foolish. Cuddling and physical contact, before and after sex can actually increase your partner’s desire for you, which means that she will be all the more eager to turn on the heat. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and it is actually pretty enjoyable if you let yourself get into it. You might even start to find it working on yourself.

Let Her Do The Work to Keep Things Hot

Most guys are used to being in the dominant position and spend most of the time in the bedroom calling most of the shots. However, you both might get a bit of a thrill by letting her take the lead every now and then. This doesn’t make you any less manly, and in fact you might even enjoy letting go of the power for once. She will also love it, and you may just be surprised by what she pulls out to keep things hot.

Show Her More of Yourself Before Sexual Encounters

When we think we know someone, things become predictable, and this can have repercussions in the bedroom. However, when we start to learn new things about our sexual partners we become even more interested in them. This interest can make its way into the bedroom and you can feel reinvigorated in a relationship once you start to see your sexual partner in a new light. So next time you have the chance to share something special or unique about yourself, don’t hold back, and you won’t regret it later.

New Sex Moves are Good Sex Tips

If things are feeling a little stiff in the bedroom (and not the right type of stiff), then you might want to consider trying to pick up some new moves. We all have our standard routine in the sack, but if that’s not setting off the fireworks any more, then you need to upgrade your arsenal. Trying looking up some new positions or some cunilingiust techniques that will rock her world. It also doesn’t hurt to find some things that you would like her to try out on you. Starting these kinds of conversations will open the doors to more exploration and more fun in the bedroom. Even pulling out one new move can have a big impact on your sex life.

6 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!
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