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Always Have a Date: Tips For Keeping Your Life Full Of Great Women

It’s all very well having one date, enjoying it, and then going home to find that you’ve got nothing in the diary for the next few weeks. Maybe you’ll get a second date, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll find a second woman to go out with, maybe you won’t. But that’s not much fun, is it? It’s not what being young (or young at heart), free (well, free-ish; don’t forget there are plenty of hook up sites for cheaters if that’s what you’re into), and single (what does ‘single’ really mean anyway? Don’t get hung up on labels) is all about. Unless you find ‘the one’, and unless you’re truly ready to settle down, you want to be dating as many women as possible.

So here are some excellent tips to ensure that you always have a date on hand whenever you want one. Keep your life full of multiple girlfriends and you’ll never have to be single again – unless you want to be.

one man many womenOne Man Many Women

Do It For Yourself

Being with as many women as possible might be frowned upon. And the women themselves, if they find out, could be pretty ticked off about it. So be prepared. Keep a diary to ensure you never double book, and then have fun. If something starts to get more serious, fine, you can stick with that one person. But until (and if) that happens, you need to do this for yourself, and no one else. Do forget what society thinks, forget what friends and family think, forget what the women think – this is your time, your life. Stick with it.

Know What You Want

Don’t ever end up in a situation where you find that you’ve dumped all but one of your girlfriends because one of them started getting a bit serious and you started to humour her. No. No, no, no. That’s no good for her, and it’s no good for you, and it’s going to end in disaster. If she wants you tobe exclusive and you don’t want to, face the fact that it’s time to walk away. This is about what you want, remember?

Always Be Prepared

Much like the Boy Scouts, you always need to be prepared for your next encounter. Work a few weeks (or months if you can!) ahead of yourself, making sure that on all the nights you expect to be out on a date, you’ve got someone lined up to take out with you. If you haven’t, it’s time to find someone. This is where full on self-confidence comes into play – don’t worry about whether or not this will be serious, don’t worry about whether or not you need to explain your string of women, just ask someone out and be confident enough to know they’ll say yes. Ta-da! A date on a night when you thought you were doing nothing.

Always have a few topics in mind that would be great conversation starters whenever you step out of the front door. It could be something that’s happened locally, something going on in world news, a TV show or a new song. Anything. Make sure it’s interesting and that you know what you’re going to say about it. Why? Because starting up a conversation with a woman before asking her out is one of the best ways to guarantee she’ll say yes. Alternatively, you could ask for directions – that’s another solid way of picking up women. Ask for directions to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant, for example – and then invite them along. If you’ve been your utmost charming self, she’ll probably say yes. After all, what can it hurt? This is not a date, though. That comes later. But when you’re having lunch or a coffee and you ask her out on a particular date in the future (check your diary first!), the odds are she’ll agree.

A lot of the time the things we do are completely down to our subconscious – it’s a survival mechanism. The key is that you need to be aware of that, and ensure that you keep up the positive body language. That means nodding or tipping your head to the side to show that you’re listening (and that you’re interested). It means smiling (but not too much or you’ll look like a madman!). Stand a little closer to her than you would a stranger. Make eye contact. Speak slowly – it shows you’re relaxed in her company. And finally, stand up straight with your shoulders back; it shows that you’re confident in your own body.

Follow these tips about being yourself, about living your own life, and about being confident whilst doing it, and you can have a date for every night of the week.

Always Have a Date: Tips For Keeping Your Life Full Of Great Women
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